NOT VOGUE believes that the system of fashion is dead. It is irrelevant. No More Fashion Narrative. Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent is the new Ralph Lauren. He is a cultural vampire, dependent on a cultural narrative that has already been lived. For a perfect example of a court-approved press agent for Saint Laurent, I’ll refer once again to Tim Blanks, whose re-narrative of Hedi’s re-narrative of a moment once lived leads Grace Coddington to create another re-narrative of a moment once lived, sampled by Slimane and then textualised by Blanks, to be once again re-textualised by Coddington – which amounts to another re-narrative of Slimane re-textualising the photographic narrative of another lived moment by photographing once-lived artistic tropes. The true art form of fashion in the 21st century will be independent web-based critique. The visual possibility for radical self-determined identity and self-determined expression is infinite. They need you. You do not need them.

Turn on your mind.

Tune in your identity.

Drop out of fashion.

― (via love-less)

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